Radar Detection


The RTMS Echo has been built from the ground up and offers transportation engineers an easy to use, highly accurate radar that provides sophisticated traffic data.
Fast, safe installation on existing road-side poles
Powerful IoT-ready device provides access to more actionable traffic data than any radar on the market
Wireless configuration using a mobile device or tablet eliminating the need to carry a computer or install complicated software
Built-in aiming guidance and auto configuration for easy installation and setup


RTMS Echo - North America (PDF)

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RMTS Sx-300

Non-intrusive, radar-based RTMS Sx-300 is an advanced sensor for the detection and measurement of traffic on roadways
Provides presence indication and accurate measurements of volume, occupancy, speed and classification in up to 12 separate zones (lanes) up to 76 meters (250 feet) away
Fully programmable to support multiple applications using simple intuitive software on a Notebook PC
True-presence: detects stationary and fast moving vehicles; single or dual loop emulation
Reliable all-weather performance
Low life-cycle cost with no routine maintenance procedures and high reliability. Typical MTBF – 10 years or 90,000 hours
Easy to calibrate by fast, automatic set-up wizard

RTMS Sx-300

RTMS Sx-300 - North America (PDF)

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The RTMS Sx-300 with HD camera is an advanced radar sensor with a High-Definition camera that empowers smart decisions by detecting and measuring traffic while also providing the user with visual confirmation, data capture and verification over a TCP/IP connection.
Provide visibility from the detector to verify the accuracy of zone setup across all lanes.
Simplified visual ground truth ability for deployment verification.
Facilitate real-time visual traffic surveillance anywhere, anytime.
Still image publication to ATMS and ATIS.


RTMS Sx-300 HDCAM - North America (PDF)

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ISS Wrong Way Detection


The Wrong Way Alerting solution is an all-in-one system that provides reliable wrong way detection on ramps.

Drivers wrongfully entering the highway from an off-ramp pose a serious safety risk and can result in injury or fatalities. The detection of these wrong way drivers is vital to reducing these risks. Our wrong way alerting solution provides accurate detection and fast notification to help improve the safety performance of roadways.

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